Pakula Shredder 12.70″ – Patriot


Shredder Patriot

  • Length: 321mm / 12.70″
  • Hooks: Dojo Size 35
  • Min Class: 10kg
  • Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Positions: All positions.
  • Popular Colours: Lumo, Blue Angel, Violeta, Gold Kona, Hot Frigate


Shredder Patriot – 12.50″ size 35

The Shredder Patriot is a large cup face with 4 Venturi Jets and 4 large normal full-length jets. It has a sealed large chamber to give it maximum buoyancy and action. To get the action and configuration Peter Pakula chose 3D printing technology to make the lure. He knew and we believe these are the first 3D printed lures in the trolling lure industry.

The Shredder head shape is based on the first lure we ever produced for the market. The Long Chuggers which were renamed in the late 1990’s as the Fox. Vamp, Patriot, Chatterbox and we also added later down the line.

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