Crane Lures Scooped and Jetted 12″ – Murdock


  • Length: 305mm / 12.00”
  • Hooks: Size 40 GGT Shackle Rig / Swivel Rig
  • Min Class: 24kg
  • Recommended Leader: 350lb
  • Weight: 280grms.  Head Diameter: 45mm
  • Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger
  • Popular Colours: Elton John.


Crane Lures – Handcrafted in California by Brett Crane.

Scooped and Jetted 12″ – Murdock  – A lure that will swim in your spread trailing a nice smoke trail behind it.

Crane Lures is quickly becoming one of the most trusted hand-crafted lure manufacturers in the world. Based Dana Point, California, our lures are swimming from Cabo to the Caribbean, Kona to the Persian Gulf and now available in Australia. Professional anglers and weekend warriors alike are using Crane Lures to catch Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin, Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado and more. We were even the lure of choice for many boats who fished in the World Famous Bissbees fishing tournament in Cabo San Lucas, MX. You only have to look closely to realise that these handcrafted lures are made with pride, another reason we are proud to be Australian distributors for Crane Lures.

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