Miracle Lures 8″ Purple Ice Cutface – White Crystal UV


Miracle Lures – 8″ Purple Ice in White Crystal UV.

8″ Cutface in White Crystal is a must for the shotgun position. Smooth swimming motion with a nice wiggle and an occasional pop leaving a nice bubble trail to attract those hungry pelagics. Trolled from 7-9 knots.

  • Length: 204mm / 8.00”
  • Hooks: Size 25 GGT Shackle / Swivel Rig
  • Min Class: 15kg
  • Recommended Leader: 250lb
  • Weight: 195grms  Head Diameter: 25mm
  • Position: Shotgun
  • Main Colours: White Crystal UV – (Shown in Sunlight).

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Handcrafted in Hawaii by Avin Antonio, these lures are made with pride. Hours of work to produce these perfectly balanced and weighted Cutface lures that will attract all sorts of pelagics. Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi), Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Marlin find these irresistible in all weather conditions. With actual Paua Shell inserted into the resin head, it is obvious that Miracle Lures had to be part of our international suppliers of quality, trusted and unique lures. We are proud to be the Australian distributors for Miracle Lures.

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