Pakula Paua Jet 8.85″- Cockroach


  • Length: 221mm / 8.85″ size 25
  • Hooks: Size 25 Dojo
  • Min Class: 6kg
  • Recommended Leader: 150lb
  • Position: Short Corner, Short Rigger
  • Main Colours: Lumo, Frigate, Violeta, Hot Frigate, Black Betty, Petrolio


Pakula Paua Jets – Softease® Lures

Paua Jet Cockroach

The “Mighty” Cockroach works well in all trolling positions, though it is primarily a ‘short position’. The Paua Jet Cockroach has an aggressive action that hugs the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure has gained an enormous reputation, quite simply because it works so well!

The Paua Jet Cockroach is one of Peter Pakula’s personal favourite’s.  Though he wont give away what colour he likes to run it in. It certainly has to be a must have lure to add to you collection.

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