Pakula Paua Jet 9.50″- Mini Sprocket


  • Length: 240mm / 9.50″
  • Hooks: Size 25 Dojo
  • Min Class: 6kg
  • Recommended Leader: 150lb
  • Position: Long Rigger, Long Corner, Shotgun
  • Main Colours: Brad J, Evil Angel, Lumo, Blue Kona, Blue Crystal, Illusion


Pakula Paua Jets – Softease® Lures

Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane

The Mini Sprocket is designed as a long rigger lure with a tight swimming action. The results on this lure have mirrored its larger brother the Lumo Sprocket which is our best tournament performer. Just make sure a Lumo stays on the long rigger. This little lure is lethal on species such as Striped Marlin and Sailfish, particularly in the colours such as Evil and Blue Angel, Illusion and Violeta. It’s a great light tackle lure which can be easily trolled on light line classes.

Setting records Australia wide when running the “Brad J” colour.

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