Miracle Lures 10″ Paua Bullet – Ice Blue Demon


Miracle Lures – 10″ Bullet

An all position lure with its straight track swimming style and an occasional side-to-side darting motion due to its steep angle on its nose. 7-9 knots.

  • Length: 254mm / 10.00”
  • Hooks: Size 35 GGT Shackle / Swivel Rig
  • Min Class: 15kg
  • Recommended Leader: 300lb
  • Weight: 150grms  Head Diameter: 30mm
  • Position: Long and Short Rigger.
  • Main Colours: As shown.

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Paua Bullet Ice Blue Demon

Handcrafted in Hawaii by Avin Antonio, these lures are made with pride. You will see once they are in your hands that hours of work have been put in to produce these perfectly balanced and weighted Bullet lures that will attract all sorts of pelagics. Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo are suckers for these already proven bullets. We are proud to be the Australian distributors for Miracle Lures, and it was the main reason that Avin was contacted to be part of our, “Trusted. Unique. Quality” slogan.

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