Pakula – Size 20 (7/0) Keel Rig


Pakula Keel Rig Size 20

  • To Fit Size 20 Dojo Hooks and most 7/0 hooks
  • 5 weights per pack
  • Weight:   25 grms
  • Length:    47 mm
  • Width:     12 mm
  • Height:    7 mm


Pakula Keel Rig Size 20

The Pakula Keel Rig weights will increase your hook up rate on all Skirted Trolling Lures. – Pakula Keel Rig Size 20

The Pakula Keel Rigs were first introduced in the late 1980’s. Since then we have developed them to a point were anglers can easily adapt to. Furthermore by using the Pakula Keel Rig weights you will increase your hook up rates considerably. These weights come in a series of sizes designed to fit most hooks.

Usually attached and deployed when conditions usually start to become rough. As a result the extra weight helps stabilise the lure and keep it a little deeper.

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