Pakula – Pack 02


Small Black Marlin Pack with 12″ Lure Pouch

  • Rig: 5 x Size 25 / 15 Dojo –  Swivel Rigs
  • Min Class: 15kg
  • Recommended Leader: 150lb
  • Position: All positions supplied.
  • Main Colours: As shown.

Rigging Options


Ultra Light Tackle Rat Pack 6kg to 10kg – With Outriggers.

Pack contains 5 lures and a 12″ lure pouch with rigging options. Line Class: This pack will work on any line class but certainly the lighter the line class the better. All Species: School Tuna, Small Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowtail Kingfish. Specific Colours may vary Pattern by Lure Head – Skirt Colours

  • Short Corner:  Micro Chubby – Black
  • Long Corner: Zipper – Blue
  • Short Rigger:  Micro Cockroach- Gold Yakka
  • Long Rigger: Micro Sprocket- Lumo Green
  • Shotgun: Uzi – Various Colours
  • Rigs: 5 x size 25/15 Swivel Rig.


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