Pakula Paua Jet 7.40″- Bullet®


Bullet Jet Paua

  • Length: 186mm / 7.40″ size 15
  • Hooks: Size 25 Dojo
  • Min Class: 6kg
  • Recommended Leader: 100lb
  • Position: All positions, but often in shotgun.
  • Main Colours: Hot Frigate, Illusion, Lumo, Violeta and Pinks


Bullet Jet Paua

Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane

The 7 inch Bullet Jet Paua with its rounded face will run anywhere in the patter at most speeds. As it is mainly a sub surface lure it’s positioning on the pressure waves is not critical and it a great lure for beginners. Even when fishing heavy tackle it is worthwhile trolling a small lure in amongst the larger sizes, especially in the shotgun position. As you can see this range of lures gives you a selection of lures that will adequately meet your trolling requirements. Choose from our huge range of colour combinations and set up a truly special set of Extra Small Pakula lures, but beware big fish do like them, though they’re small you may wish to run them on medium or even heavy tackle. That way you’ll get to keep them a little longer.

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