Pakula – 36″ Dredge Flash Strip Teaser


  • 36″ Collapsable Stainless Dredge Bar
  • 12 single & 1 triple strip
  • 13 teasers / 60 Holographic fish in total


36″ Collapsible Stainless 6 armed Dredge bar, rigged with 12 holographic strips and 1 triple, each containing 4 fish, (total 60 fish). The strips are double laminated with towing eye grommet & clip for easy attachment. Each strip is 120cm in length. Also includes fully washable teaser bag for easy storage of your teaser. Extremely effective on Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and other pelagic species. These teasers are considered the secret weapon by many very successful game fishermen.

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