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Best in the Game

Trusted. Unique. Quality.

Game Fishing Lures that you know have already passed the test…

Quality Game Fishing Lures are available in most places these days. But have you ever found that unique handcrafted resin lure or trusted famous brand on the one website? Get Game Tackle Australia was designed to give Game Fisherman a website that was aimed at creating an experience. Where quality comes before quantity, and where the brands are already proven. You don’t need to pay for international shipping because we have already done the importing for you.

We have formed relationships with the best in the business so you can source and find what you are after in one place. Our aim is to provide you with trusted equipment through a strict quality assured structure that involves consistency and sticking to a simple plan. That YOU always comes first, and we will back and trust our products as well as the makers behind them.

We stock the entire range of Pakula Lures and aim at providing the best prices available for both Pakula Lures and Tackle.

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